Best Quality

KAKAO VX Golf Simulator in Toronto. Most realistic and accurate in canada.

They allow for high-speed video capture
and frame-by-frame play back for every swing you take.

Born to Golf FEATURE

Detailed virtual golf courses

We collect satellite data, fly airplanes, send out photographers to collect geophysical data - and re-create the course in our simulator very accurate.

Practice mode

T-up Vision golf simulator comes with Driving range and putting practice mode. With the very accurate golf ball flight simulation, our simulated driving range will help you build confidence in your shots.

Virtual Caddie system

You can call up your virtual caddie for reading putting break.

Golf Training Programs

Maumgolf school You can practice by subject and get your ratings for your golf skills
Challenge golf master You can improve your golf skills by playing golf game that is more fun than real golf. The fastest way to become a master of golf.

The Items mode

We're not only bringing in the golf to your living room but also adding a new dimension to the game of golf that was not possible in real world. When you have the following items, you can
Get back
Nullify your opponents best shots or your mis-hits Move the hole cup
Create additional multiple holes on green and move the original hole to the closest to your ball.
Black hole
Make the hole suck up your ball when your ball approaches the hole cup.
All or nothing
This item is only for par 3 holes. When you use this item, the green will show you that you are using this item. Just getting on the green you score birdie, if you fail to get the ball on the green you will score double par( triple bogey for par 3).

Smartphone App

With our smartphone app you can check and monitor tournament events, rakings in realtime, viewing swing video, statistics.

QR login function

You can login to the system using your smart phones very quickly and easily. (Patent : 1020130144051)

Personal Data

We collect every aspect of your playing data if you login and play. You can access your data not only from the simulator console but also via web and mobile devices.

Every shot, With accurate measurements!

  • Our place is a main home
  • your practice and
  • play at your best time
  • Our chosen teaching pro
  • will improve your skill
  • play at your best time
Fun Events
  • With your family members,
  • it will be the most
  • fun and enjoyable time.